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Normalize aduo across several video files
Note #7776
posted on Tech
Saturday, November 3, 2018 @ 17:14
I run Plex Media Server to several Rokus.  At night, I fall asleep to Futurama.
However, about 15% of the episodes are much louder than the rest, so I either
set the volume low to hear normal episodes and get blasted awake, or can barely
hear the normal ones to keep the louder ones at a decent volume.
I've tried searching on normalizing audio but either find how to do it for mp3
music, or audiophiles that say not to do it because it's not the author's
desired sound or whatever.
I figure they all need to be re-transcoded as a batch with normalized audio,
but does anyone have suggestions on what to use/how to do so?  The files are
.wmv and  .mp4 formats but don't know if I need other info.