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Re: Increasing participation in games ++
Note #40768
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, October 31, 2018 @ 23:55
Reply to: Note 40758 posted by Redryn

Wars used to be super super popular on aardwolf.  It was a different 
age of much tighter power gaps, true, but there were also skills 
that leveled the playing field:  balor spittle at 33 percent and 
25 percent hp reduction at 400 moves cost to any thief was the 
biggest.  globe of invuln being true invuln for 2 ticks and 
antimagic shell true invuln for 4 ticks to any remort mage.  And 
vorpal luck.

not only are power gaps the size of the grand canyon, there
are effectively zero ways for players to make a dent in it, 
the way players could balor etc. so long ago.

also the number on count might be similar, but actively on 
screen is far lower due to triggers and widespread bband.

I think the only chance here is a new feature, run like once 
per day at peak hours (once per day only) with a whole 
new set of rules and coding to make it fun.  like a 
battle royale, pubg style experience.  something that 
leaves thesevlegacy power gaps mostly behind.