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Re: christmas goft cards +++++
Note #40769
posted on Ideas
Thursday, November 1, 2018 @ 07:57
Reply to: Note 40767 posted by Impurifan

Actually, closer to 20%.  Some people *fap on gclan or imm, some people just be
outright assholes or use stupid formatting in notes; some waste just as much or
more time on Reddit or somewhere else.  Everyone's got a hobby; mine just
happens to be here, which means similar signal-to-noise ration is more visible
than for others.
So, why not add note tags so you can more easily script gagging notes from me?
Or, just... not read them with the current system??
I just compressed this thread- every year someone asks for more from Santa,
and gets a "stfu and enjoy your gift" response.  That falls right in line with
help deadideas- same response every time.  And, albeit a bit catty, I included
the response that would come next when deadideas is brought up- that stuff like
llockers and xterm are here when they were in help deadideas, too.  Was that
part necessary?  Not really, but it did get two notes accomplished in a single
post.  See?  I actually help /reduce/ note spam!