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Re: Increasing participation in games +
Note #40778
posted on Ideas
Friday, November 2, 2018 @ 19:09
Reply to: Note 40757 posted by Tymme

> Mafia and poker, blackjack and slots, etc., not so sure, espec since afaik
> they can be played while doing other things.

A few reasons come to mind...

1. Mafia has never been a good game. Not even in person at parties. The basic
mechanics as original designed are just not good. Later bluffing games tried to
(relatively successfully, I think) fix the fundamental flaws. If you want a
less broken version of Mafia, you need to look at something like Secret Hitler.
You can find a reasonable review of it at ArsTechnica, which gives this 
money quote:
> In practice, though, most of the bluffing games I play usually go something 
> like this:
> Other player: I think Kyle is the bad guy.
> Me (regardless of whether or not Im the bad guy): No, Im not.
> Other player: Hes totally lying! I totally know it!
> Me: No, Im not.
> *repeat over and over and with various other combinations of players*

That perfectly explains the Mafia experience, and it's what advanced 
variants like Secret Hitler address.

2. Poker and blackjack are semi-skilled gambling games that I think most
people only enjoy in one of three conditions:
1) pretend-to-be-James(ina)-Bond parties
2) real casinos with a million flashing lights, free drinks, and Celine Dion
3) if you think you can make real money
I'm not sure which of these can work here.

3. Slots is completely skill-less gambling, which, short of abusing people 
with addiction problems, banks on rapid participant turnover tossing in a 
few bucks for funsies only once a while.

4. Aardwolf critically lacks billboards, popups, flashing lights, and other
mechanisms that grab attention and promote these games. If real slot machines
didn't have blinkenlights do you think as many people would even think to
play them? Before this thread, when was the last time you remembered that
Aardwolf has slot machines?

If you want more people to play the slot machine, try this:
On the first of every month look at the list of all players who did at least
one pull at the highest pay-in (100k). Give one randomly chosen person from the 
list a trivia point.

- Fiendish