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Remove AFK command lockout.
Note #41035
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 08:42
AFK's command lockout all but renders it useless.  Please remove it.

The reason is that, due to MUSHclient and its plugin system being what it is,
there are tons of reasons to send commands to the mud whilst AFK.  They are
too numerous to wholly enumerate, but involve everything from cp check to
recasting spellups.

AFK status is relevant from a social point of view, but its usefulness is
obviated in that most people simply do not use it, because it inordinately
locks out commands sent by their scripts/plugins.  Maybe AFK locking out
commands did something useful 'back in the day', but if so, I have been
unsuccessful in surmising what it might have been.

AFK should get with the times - there are lots of reasons to send commands
while AFK.  And flagging one's self as AFK when one is AFK is also a good
practice.  But as it stands, AFK does not enable this, basically, at all.

Accordingly, please remove the command lockout from AFK.  Make AFK
great again :D