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Re: Remove AFK command lockout. +
Note #41039
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 12:01
Reply to: Note 41036 posted by Crowley

I love the idea. It probably should've been changed 13 years ago (specific
date explained below).

>However, with that said, I don't disagree with the idea. At the very least,
>letting spellup spells bypass the lockout would be great. Back in the day,
>spellup scripts weren't allowed while AFK, iirc.

More specifically, automatic spellup scripts themselves were illegal back 
then. Spellup scripts used to only be able to queue up what to cast, and 
you'd have to manually invoke the script's command to get them to do the 
casting. They became legal on 2005-10-08.

From that point on, if you stayed online while AFK and had a spellup script
to keep you fully spelled up, if you did NOT use the flag you could hop
on the keyboard and play immediately at full power. If you DID use the flag, 
then you could hop on the keyboard and wait up to a minute for your spells 
to cast before being able to play effectively.

>Along with spellup spells, perhaps make it so the remaining "locked" 
>commands send, but remove you from AFK status.

In order for this change to really make the AFK status meaningful, you'd
also need to exclude look, glance, and all socials. Those are often used 
as anti-idle-logout actions (although those people SHOULD have their
timer/trigger just send a carriage return).

>It'd also be kind of cool to have an AFK timer shown in finger, to give 
>people an idea how long you've been AFK. There are several plugins for 
>it (I have one myself), but maybe makng it a MUDside option wouldn't be 
>a bad idea.

If this were implemented, it should only go by how long you've had the
flag activated, not how long since input was last received. The client-side 
ones know the difference between manually-typed commands and script-generated
commands, but the MUD itself does not. Also, the client-side ones are a
person's choice to activate (as is the flag).