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GQs & CPs
Note #41046
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 15:55
Drastically cut rewards from GQs and CPs after a set amount, similar to t9 redo
per-day drop.  Maybe something like 200 GQs and 500 CPs total.
This allows people to still get some use out of [having their mapper] learning
the MUD layout, etc., with CPs and eventually maybe win some GQs.  Also reduces
the worry of having S&D and using it for evil.
Keeping them around allows the ranks to stay for those that want to continue to
"compete", and get a minor reward for doing so, while still offering an
alternative to sitting in a room and typing brandish or 'k l' 10  times to
level if they were removed entirely.
Maybe even some absolute cap, since there's no way to abuse sitting right below
the cap with current limitations.
If you've already "invested" so much time to getting golden cps, tricks to
get through areas faster, etc., well, congrats, you'll still win that GQ, just
like the others you have already won with that investment.