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Healing over Time spells
Note #41224
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 @ 12:44
I would love to see spells that actually adds some kind
of healing over time effects. I know this is far from WoW, however for people
who played it it could work like: Renew, Lifebloom, Rejuvination,
Tranquility, Wild Growth, Riptide - I think you get the idea.

This could be like cast Wild Growth  and it should be effected
by luck, wis, int. Could be 200^int/wis/luck over 10 rounds.
This could prevent quaffing like badly, and be more like a booster
maybe specially used in epics?

Who should have it?
Maybe add it to a subclass cleric or psi - or maybe even ranger.

Maybe also add more DoT spells that could add poison & diseases as well.
Same thought for other subclasses, to add more diversity to subclasses
so it isn't blacksmith, navigator flavor of the month.