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Seasonal challenges
Note #41228
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 @ 13:31
It can be put into different areas of the game but my main idea was a 
(we can call it), LPK challenge
For a month, or however long you want it to lastt
players can flag up and participate in a Limited PK challenge
It would be a bit more restricted than OPK, maybe tiers
but it would allow players to get actual fights with people near
their characters level
New classes would get used by serious LPKers
Want to try and win the LPK season and not worried about leveling fast?
Might go Mentalist, Oracle, Harmer, Ninja
some of the least played classes are purely PVP
but with majority of the PVP below SH being ganking, those classes arent needed

I feel instead of changing OPK and what people are used to 
and reluctant to change
this might open more excitement around OPK/LPK in the game
and actual understanding of PVP instead of jsut ganking