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bragging right pin for reaching rank 5 epic? ++
Note #41242
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 15:24
Reply to: Note 41241 posted by Tryllus

I have no problem with the essence of the idea(Achievements), but disagree
wholeheartedly with any tangible rewards(Such as stats). Most games offer
"Achievement Points" as a reward.
As for an actual pin that has no stats and can't be enchanted, I have to
question how it'd work. Do you get a new slot+pin for every epic? Or only if
all epics are rank5? Does it get removed upon a new epic entering game if it
requires all epics?
Also, why do you need a pin for an activity most people afk/join late through?
If you want proof of this, remove follow during rat maze or reduce join late
mechanics so that only 3 or so ppl can join late during a section. I have a
feeling a lot more epics would fail cause of afkers/etc. It's because of this
I don't understand the "Prestige" people associate with epic run counts.
Instead of having a pin, why not offer an epicinfo  command, with
a layout similar to this: (Would require counters on playerfile though)
epicinfo castiel
                         [ EPIC COMPLETIONS ]
Total Epics : [  21]  
Inferno     : [   1]  Icefall     : [   4]
Genie       : [   2]  Winds       : [   5]
Titan       : [   3]  Oradrin     : [   6]