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Gears Diversity
Note #41246
posted on Ideas
Friday, February 1, 2019 @ 08:53
Since the introduction of epic gears, everyone's essentially
wearing the same gears. 

I believe it is healthy to have some diversity in EQ sets instead
of having one set that is best for all purposes.
(Which current rank4/5 gears are)

1. Hit Roll

We're missing an opportunity with this existing stat.
Hit Roll should have a significantly increased impact in PvP. 
Below is one way that it can be tweaked.

During PvP combat, HR of the attacker should be compared to the HR
of the target, when calculating hit %. That is to say, hit % in
PvP should vary based on how high is the HR of the target player
you're attacking.

2. PvP skill modifier gears

Gears that increases effectiveness of PvP skills such as web,
dissolve, curse etc, with significant drawbacks. (less DR/stat etc)
Gears that have particularly high resist in certain damage types,
but also add weaknesses to many other damage types.
Gears that grant special unique skills with unique weaknesses.