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Re: Gears Diversity
Note #41247
posted on Ideas
Friday, February 1, 2019 @ 11:00
Reply to: Note 41246 posted by Wire

Some other alternatives:
1. Allow hitroll to 'pierce' resistances. Perhaps every point above a certain
   threshold(Say... enemy dex*2) reduces enemies effective resists.
   Example: Enemy has 100dex. You have 250hr. 100dex means you need to break
            200hr to start reducing resists. You have 250hr, so 50hr is being
            used to reduce resists. Lets say each hr reduces resists by 2
            (random number off the top of my head), so your 50hr reduces enemy
            resists by 100. Yes, this can make them go into negatives, and yes,
            these are purely made up numbers and are subject to change!
2. Allow gameload enhanced gear to load with +skill/spell benefits. This could
   also be a way to diminish the effectiveness of instinct, since a lot of
   people complain about it ruining the game. If it's possible to get +600 in
   any given skill, +200 instinct is less meaningful. This also covers things
   like boosting curse/web/etc.
3. Introduce tier(211-291) gameload eq.
4. Open a new 'forge' in Aylor, that allows a player to combine two of the same
   item AND enhancement (Destroying both copies) for a reroll of the same item
   and enhancement with a small(5% or so) chance to go up an enhancement. This
   also raises the level of said item(if that option is chosen) by 10, up to a
   maximum of 291. (Alternate way of getting tier(211-291) enhanced eq.
combine helmet nolevel confirm
You break down 2 * (Radiant) a Sunset helmet.
You forge a brand new (Radiant) a Sunset helmet!
combine helmet confirm
You break down 2 * (Radiant) a Sunset helmet.
You forge a brand new (Wondrous) a Sunset helmet with +10 levels!