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Possible Charge bug?
Note #18259
posted on Bugs
Saturday, February 2, 2019 @ 22:47
So, I charged Malloy's room earlier today. The charge hit him, but he was busy
fighting one mob and I was put onto another mob (it had wandered into the room
and became the top target in the room "stack"). Here's the charge.

[5] Your skill damages a Dragon Rider! [1464]
** Malloy can now take revenge on you for 15 minutes.
[5] Your skill damages Malloy! [220]
[5] Your skill damages a Dragon Rider! [1480]
A Dragon Rider is bleeding lightly.

When Malloy killed his mob, he was never put into combat with me.
When I killed my mob, I never moved onto Malloy, but the mob below him.

When I killed both mobs, Malloy & I were never in combat afterwards. He was
was able to portal out.

I feel like this is a bug, but I'm not entirely sure. I've charged others
before when they've been engaged in combat, but the mob being on top of the
stack is something I dunno if it's happened before.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!