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Re: Aarchaeology 2.0 ++
Note #41479
posted on Ideas
Thursday, March 7, 2019 @ 17:33
Reply to: Note 41471 posted by Mondaine

Two aarch pieces in each dual-worn slot?  Doesn't sound overpowered at all!
Maybe if acfter you complete the first time, pieces are owned and only owned
pieces could be turned in for another item?  Otherwise it's just spending 500m
(or less) to get that much power.
I think most don't contiunue after the first or second ring, since the reward
reqfor an upgrade is miniscule compared to the effort required.  Don't want to
add too much power creep, but wouldn't even need a 2.0 if it was worth it to
keep going with collected pieces.
Maybe a pamphlet and an existing ring could add a small amount of +resist to
the ring?  Like Pompeii item could add +3 fire resist with an existing ring.
It'd take a while to find specific pamphlets and get a decent reward out of
them, but not mean you get another 30 stats in a new slot or whatever.