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Friend list returns level of players
Note #41489
posted on Ideas
Friday, March 8, 2019 @ 19:16
My idea is that the Friend list could also display character level.
I am often curious how my friends are progressing, so what I often do
is type "fr" to get a list of my friends
I then type "finger friendA", "finger friendB", "finger friendC", etc
Would be more convenient to see their levels right on the friends list

It was pointed out that I can use "who friend" or "swho 2 friend"
but neither of those help with offline players,
so you will still have to finger your friends

here is an example of the idea:
[ 85,W+6/T0] - FriendA      (Offline)
[189,W+6/T1] - FriendB      (Offline)
[ 23,W+6/T0] - FriendC      (Offline)
[ 95,W+6/T2] - FriendD      (Online)
[138,W+6/T3] - FriendE      (Online)
[ 22,W+6/T0] - FriendF      (Offline)
[201,W+6/T9] - FriendG      (Offline)