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Re: Aarchaeology 2.0 +
Note #41493
posted on Ideas
Saturday, March 9, 2019 @ 00:57
Reply to: Note 41469 posted by Rhuli

> I've been trying to think of ways to improve or come up with a 2.0 version
> of Aarchaeology.  I don't think adding 50 more items is the way to go, though.
> Any additional ideas are welcome.

I think Aarchaeology 2.0 can be more aarchaeological than getting random loot.

How about this:
Players can visit the Professor to get a "rumour" of where a possible dig site
might be. This would be a sort of hint at an area, located somewhere on one
of the continents.

Players can then go to that area, pick a room, and 'dig'/'excavate' or some
sort of special command. If it's the wrong room, it could give some sort of
hint to say you find traces or something indicating the site is north/south
/east/west, maybe also a graduated response indicating whether it's much
farther north, or close by, etc.

When you find the right room, you get a random aarch piece.

Command should be time-limited, maybe you can dig/excavate one time a day.

So overall, it'll be kinda a daily thing - you first find the professor to
get a zone (I use area loosely to mean a general part of a continent), and
then you kind of try to hunt down the specific room, having to think about
where to dig next carefully since you only get 1 try a day. Players will
also have to keep track of where they've been digging.

On the whole, I think most if not all of the above can be implemented via
mobprogs so Lasher doesn't need to code much (though maybe custom commands 
in every room of every continent might be an issue, not sure).
Most of the work will be having to coming up/writing customised hints as to
areas of the continents though.