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Re: hunt on guqests ++
Note #41495
posted on Ideas
Saturday, March 9, 2019 @ 05:17
Reply to: Note 41488 posted by Shindo

   Mob database has nothing to do with that change. With mobs db it is
much easier to kill mobs that have just single instances in area and 
stay in same room.
   This change prevents you from using hunt trick in GQ - so in fact 
it just nerfed hunter's huntmaster and to less extent fasthunt wish.
Also it boosted higher tiers in multi instance mobs - if target is 
20.oyster in Maelstrom - you may need to kill 20+ oysters to get 
right one. T9 will go to Maelstrom and kill every single oyster just 
in 1-2 turns, low tier will need more 3-4. 
   Before that change T0 and T9 would use hunt trick to find room with
20.oyster - so both had to kill just one mob - 1-2 rounds for T9, 
and 3-4 for T0. Now if both T0 and T9 go to area and fight 20 mobs to
get that right one - T9s will get their mob in 20-40 rounds and T0 in 
60-80. So that was quite clever way to highlight power gap.
   Also that change helps people using simple clients - if you use 
telnet to play aard then now you are able to hunt those single instace
mobs so you can earn extra qps for killing GQ mobs.
Btw. I would gladly welcome ability to hunt in CPs - hunting mobs in 
Gauntlet is way more annoying than getting to 20.oyster in cp without 
hunt trick.