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Ironfist during combat
Note #30152
posted on Ideas
Saturday, July 26, 2014 @ 20:09

Currently the Barbarian's Ironfist ability can only be activated out of
combat.  I do not think this is appropriate.  Single-class Warriors only
get one spellup-like ability, berserk, and that's usable in combat.  The
other major subclass option of pwarrior, the Berserker, can Enrage or
Insanity during combat.  It seems out of place, and character, for a
Barbarian to have to be out of combat to recognize how awesome his or her
fists are.

I suppose you could contrast it with asking for 'power projection' to be
castable in combat, but this isn't a spellup spell.  I suppose I could
just set up a trigger, but it just seems out of place.